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Articles referring to the PDTN

” Dentist urges people to keep kids' baby teeth to study Fukushimaradiation exposure ”
(Mainichi Shimbun Newspaper - March 7, 2016)
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 ” Accumulation of a Radioactive Isotope in Children’s Shed Deciduous Teeth Used to Estimate Radiation Exposure from Nuclear Testing and Accidents, Then and Now ”
  (American Dental Association - March 11, 2016)
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 Search for Strontium-90 in Deciduous Teeth
By Dr. Alex Rosen (Pediatrician/Vice President, IPPNW Germany)

As a result of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe huge amounts of radioactivity were released into the environment. While the Japanese authorities made much of the contamination by radioactive iodine and cesium and while these radioisotopes are measured regularly in samples of soil, water and foodstuffs, the radioactive strontium contamination of humans and the environment is hushed up. Contamination maps do not exist ; at best, strontium measurements are carried out sporadically by individual research groups. Furthermore, strontium is not at all looked for in the foodstuffs-database, which is used to calculate the radiation exposure of the population through taking in contaminated food. But it is known that relevant amounts of radioactive strontium were found in the teeth and bones of livestock in Fukushima.
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※Source: IPPNW Germany Website

 On April 12, 2016, " In Memoriam on 30 years of Chernobyl and 5 years of Fukushima" Conference was held in Krsko, Slovania.
Ms Yoko Kawasaki, Environmental Journalist, one of the promoters of the PDTN, attended the Conference and introduced the PDTN's project.